Koseilata’s X-Wurf

* 19.8.2004

Ch.Superfly´s Farewell my Summer Love x Vet.Ch.Koseilata´s Josephine Baker

Koseilata´s Ximply Red (R)
Koseilata´s Xavier Naidoo (R)
Koseilata´s Xalapa Clown (H)
Ch.Koseilata´s Xciting Moonwalker (R)
Koseilata´s Xpression of Love (H) Tod 2006 durch Unfall
Koseilata´s Xtraterrestrial Unicorn (R)

Pedigree Koseilata’s X-Wurf:

Superfly´s Farewell my Summer Love Ch. Statuesque Extortion Ch. Starlines Reign
on JC
Ch. Hamryas Lucky
Ch. Morshor´s Majestic Prince
Ch. Hamryas Moon Scape v. Tyobi
Ch. Ringmaster Goldfever Ch. Delacreme de la Renta
Ch. Gold Dust´s Limited Edition
Ch. Bohem Critics Choice Ch. Delacreme de la Renta Ch. Saxonshore Amber Waves
Ch. Runners Creme de la Creme
Ch. Bohem of Thee I Sing Ch. Hardknott Maestro of Bohem
Ch. Bohem I hear Singing
Superfly´s Unique Ch. Superfly´s Indianapolis Ch. Bredand Percy Vere Ch. Gunsmith of Glenbervie
Hillgarth Sunkist
Superfly´s Asti Spumante Ch. Cherokee Chief of Dondelayo
Magadha Gracious
Superfly´s Foxy Lady Ch. Rowdy des Enfants de
la Tramontane
Nevedith Indian Chief
Paerly des Enfants de la Tramontane
Seven Year Itch du Sac à Malices Nickelodeon du Sac à Malices
Wilpat French Connection
Koseilata´s Josephine Baker Ch. Rothbury Bonecrusher Ch. Delacreme Dragonslayer Ch. Delacreme Avantgarde Ch. Seawind´s Yankee Clipper
Ch. Runner´s Creme de la Creme
Ch. Runner´s Creme de Creme Ch. Misty Moor´s Chalmondoley
Runner´s Our own Charisma
Ch. Rothbury Rhythmic Ch. Dondelayo Statue Dondelayo Mosaic
Ch. Denhills Delectabelle
Andiamo Columba Ch. Allgarth Envoy
Cherrydown Anonnymous of Dondelayo
Koseilata´s Alice Twix Superfly´s Gentle Glitter Ch. Superfly´s Delta Wing Ch. Bredand Percy Vere
Magadha Gracious
Magadha Gracious Ch. Dondelayo Paint Tin
Ring around Rosy du Sac à Malices
Superfly´s Kitty Pampers Ch. Signum Bournonville Ch. Hardknott Navigator
Ch. Bokella´s Marylin Monroe
Magadha Gracious Ch. Dondelayo Paint Tin
Ring around Rosy du Sac à Malices